Turn Old Gadgets in to Donations

Gadget Drive is the modern, simple and effective way for organisations to fundraise through donations. Rather than asking people to donate money, unwanted tinned food or old clothes, Gadget Drive allows schools, clubs and good causes to accept donations in the form of electronic gadgets including mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet PCs and laptops, which are then turned into real cash by Gadget Drive.

School fundraising ideas do not come easier than this and the Gadget Drive will also help promote the importance of recycling.

Best of all, your Gadget Drive is up and running quickly and easily. Start by simply register your organisation, Gadget Drive will then provide information and resources to help you promote your fundraising efforts. Once you’ve collected the items together, Gadget Drive arranges a free courier collection and payment for the items is issued promptly.

If you want innovative, cutting edge ideas for fundraising then Gadget Drive provides a simple solution!

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