A new way of fundraising for schools

Uncategorized November 3, 2015

With recent budget cuts across the nation having a further detrimental effect on many schools, the drive for fundraising for schools can seem like a never ending task. In August 2015, the Department of Education showed that in 213-14 the average amount of state funding given to Local Authority Schools is just £4,767 per pupil. However, it would seem to be largely a lottery in terms of allowances based on postcode and type of school (England’s Free schools received c. 60% more funding per pupil than Local Authority Schools). While there are many contributing factors in the decline of funds per pupil received by schools, the outcome is that their offerings are having to be stripped back in terms of extra-curricular offering but in some cases also the range of GCSE subjects covered and the number of staff employed.

As such fundraising for schools has never been more important for ensuring that the nation’s children are receiving a well-rounded education including the pastoral elements of the school system. As stated, this state of fundraising can seem like a never ending task, with the resources of not just parents but of families and friends of people with children being faced with requests for donations.


Gadget Drive offer a different solution for your fundraising for schools needs and it is 100% free to enact with our company. In short, instead of requesting money in return for novelty amusements (think head shaving and baths of beans) or more cake than the average family really needs, you request that people donate their old gadgets. This means that those old laptops and smart phones can actually be recycled rather than gathering dust in the spare room. This is a great way for people to donate gadgets that are disused and would ordinarily end up in the waste. Gadget Drive have an online valuation tool, which allows those wishing to donate to see the potential value of their donations. Collection of the gadgets is done by our company, so other than letting people know about the fundraising project, all you have to do is await the funds from the donations to come in. However, if you wanted to take a more proactive approach you could incorporate the Gadget Drive into lesson plans so pupils more fully understand the recycling process and where their old gadgets will go.

Ashley Payne

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