Is Corporate Responsibility Dead?

Uncategorized February 21, 2018

Large corporate companies have always been good at dedicating funds to looking after the environment through the term ‘Corporate Responsibility.

But, Is Corporate Responsibility Dying?

With the recycling and environmental crisis getting worse year by year, it’s no surprise business advisers are now encouraging companies to go further than corporate responsibility.

The term has become a phrase used for brands to boost their image in the eyes of the public. Companies can do this in many ways; for example, toilet roll companies panting 2 trees for every 1 they cut down. It’s something they are not required to do but have done to be ‘environmentally friendly’ and to utilise in advertising and branding.

There has been a big shift since the time where companies planted trees to appear more environmentally friendly; meanwhile, they continue to ship goods all around the world in a bid for cheaper production.

Modern Corporate Responsibility

Unilever is a fantastic example of a company who have had to realign their core values to ensure their business is more sustainable in 2018. Take a look at their mission statement below:

Unilever’s corporate vision is “to make sustainable living commonplace. We believe this is the best long-term way for our business to grow.” This vision statement puts emphasis on sustainability, especially among consumers.

How does That Relate To My Business?

It’s always important to keep an eye on some of the top corporate brands, although they haven’t always got it right, they often lead the markets in their own way.

Unilever has set a standard for all companies by successfully driving their business towards sustainability and environmental awareness. Once consumers are aware of this, they will begin to expect it from every brand they come into contact with.

Now, we’re not expecting this to change consumer beliefs and morals overnight; but it’s a change that is and will begin to have an impact on other brands. When you consider how large the vegan movement has become over the last 5 years, it’s no surprise to see companies taking note and offering product ranges.

Step By Step

The best way to tackle this shift in consumer attitudes it to plan ahead. When your mobile phone contracts come up for renewal, be sure to let your clients know you’re donating the recycled devices to charity. Offer your clients the chance to donate to the gadget drive as well; going above and beyond corporate responsibility to help put money back into the local area.

If you have any questions on how to run a gadget drive, please get in touch with us. Our team can help you get started and plan your Gadget Drive.

Millie Burke

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