You Don’t have to Be Adventurous for Charity

Uncategorized January 11, 2018

Donate old gadgets

It’s always tough to try and find a way to help a charity, raise money for society and benefit the next generation.

If you’re not the type of person to go skydiving, climb Kilimanjaro or bath in baked beans, it doesn’t mean you cant help a charity or a deserving cause.

How you can help

Raising money for charity isn’t just about giving cash; there are probably 3 main ways to help; taking on a challenge where people sponsor you, giving up your time to help and donating either belongings or money.

At Gadget Drive we’re dedicated to empowering companies or organisations to raise money through the recycling of gadgets including laptops, PC’s, tablets, mobiles and cameras.

How does it work?

Our aim is to encourage as many people to donate gadgets to help raise money for schools, clubs and organisations.
Gadet drive tries to make it as simple as possible for an organisation to publicise their recycling drive. We can help you organise your gadget drop off location, advertising on social media, word of mouth and posters. Potential donors can go online and check their gadgets acceptability and value before donating.

At the end of the event

Once all of the gadgets have been collated we’ll collect them for free, testing each item to ensure they are acceptable and in working order. We’ll be sure to provide a report to enable you to see what was collected and the final value. We’ll then promptly provide a cheque or bank transfer for the club, school or charity to spend as needed.

How we can help

It’s always scary taking on a charity challenge and it’s no different with a gadget drive. We understand when you’re climbing the three peaks challenge you have to train and prepare; this is no different, but we’ve tried to help.

We can provide emails, poster designs and templates to help you publicise your drive and reach your audience. We can also provide you with someone to help guide you into making your fundraising event a success.

If you have any questions about how to get started please visit our website. If you’re planning a charity event and would like to do a Gadget Drive; please don’t forget to let us know how you get on, we’d love to share your success story and encourage others to do the same.

Millie Burke

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