Fundraising for Schools made Easy with Gadget Drive!

Uncategorized October 26, 2015

Gadget Drive brings fundraising for schools into the 21st century and super charges your schools fundraising efforts. Gadget Drive fundraising for schools unlocks the value held in the millions of old, used gadgets lying around in people’s homes across the UK.


The concept behind Gadget Drive fundraising for schools couldn’t be simpler; your school needs funds but the people you ask to help won’t always have spare cash to give. Rather than cash, most households have old laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras or tablet pc’s gathering dust, Gadget Drive turns these old items into cash donations for your school.

Fundraising for schools presents particular ethical challenges. Schemes such as Tesco’s Computers 4 Schools, have been massively successful in terms of public uptake and direct benefits to schools but the implication of children potentially being indoctrinated by a commercial companies branding is difficult for many to ignore.

Gadget Drive fundraising for schools removes any conflict of interest and creates a virtuous circle of benefits for all parts. The sole purpose of Gadget Drives is recycling gadgets for the school to raise funds as easily and as effectively as possible.

The recycling drive itself has intrinsic benefits to the school’s students and teachers by graphically demonstrating the issues created by the modern world’s rampant consumerism.

Gadget Drive fundraising for schools is open to any school in the UK regardless of size, status or reasons for fundraising. Many schools have dire fundraising needs which are not being met by state funding whilst others have the fortune position of being able to use a Gadget Drive to raise funds for external good causes. Whatever the reason, Gadget Drive fundraising for Schools offers a unique opportunity to educate students on the benefits of recycling and raise much needed funds for very good causes.

If you want fresh, innovative fundraising ideas for schools or community organisations then get in touch today and we will be delighted to give you more details on how to create a Gadget Drive.

Ashley Payne

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