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Uncategorized January 19, 2018

Looking for a fundraising idea?

Millions of British citizens are guilty of holding onto old tablets, laptops and mobile phones; so why don’t charities put this to good use?

How can unwanted gadgets help?

Electrical gadgets are one of the most common things stocked up and stored in a house loft. Yet this could be a minefield for charities looking to raise urgent funds.

Gadget drive helps schools, charities and organisations sell gadgets which are donated to them through a gadget drive. Most people throw old laptops, tablets, computers and mobiles into the bin; yet these could be utilised by charities to raise funds and save the planet.
Just like selling your old mobile phone or tablet, you can donate it to a charity to do this for you, in return, the charity gets the funds raised from the goods.

Small Charities Struggling To Survive

Since the recession, lots of charities are struggling with a lack of donations. With the rise in costs including an increase in inflation, it’s understandable that people are unable to make frequent donations. Unfortunately, as incomes at small charities fall, the profile and fundraising in large charities grow.

If you’re reading this from a small charity looking at ways to fundraise, a gadget drive might be the answer.

How Can Charities Utilise Gadget Drives

People might not realise the value of the old gadgets they have laying around the house, with millions of mobile phones being bought every week it’s no surprise millions are being disregarded.

Imagine if 20 people donated an old working iPhone, this could amount to thousands, depending on the make and model of the phone. If you run a club or an organisation, there may even be people within your group willing to give their old phone to a good cause.

So if you’re a charity looking for fundraising ideas, consider running a gadget drive. You may be surprised by the number of spare mobiles people have! To get started today visit our website where you can find details about how we can help.

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