Gadget Drive


Guaranteed Zero Cost


Quick and Easy


Reduces Waste by Recycling

Fundraising for Schools & Good Causes

Gadget Drive is a simple and effective way of raising funds for schools and good causes through donations from school stakeholders. Rather than donating money or old clothes, Gadget Drive allows stakeholders to donate electronic gadgets including mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet PCs and laptops, which are turned in to real cash by Gadget Drive.

All the school or good cause need do is let as many people as possible know about the fundraising efforts (including what good the funds will go on to do) and decide when the Gadget Drive will take place.

We’ll then provide an email and poster template for you to use in promoting the school fundraising efforts. People can then donate gadgets to the Gadget Drive and we will then pick up the gadgets and let you know how much you have raised. Find out more about how Gadget Drive works here.