Gadget gold: School fund-raising for the digital age

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Many of us will remember jumble sales during our school days to raise funds for a new mini-bus, sports facilities or refurbishment. The modern version may look very different – using a web site to organising the recycling of old smartphones, tablets and other IT equipment, raising funds for schools and educating pupils about the environment and recycling and being a good consumer.


Cash in your Gadgets has recently started a fund-raising service for UK schools, called Gadget Drive, enabling them to sell their old computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablet pcs and digital cameras.

How the service works

The idea of Gadget Drive is simple. Encourage as many people as possible to donate gadgets in the form of their old technology, to help schools fundraising and educate pupils about recycling.

The school tells its staff, pupils, parents, governors and other interested parties about fundraising plan. It gives a date and location where the donated gadgets can be dropped off.

Schools can check how much each gadget is likely to be worth via a valuation feature on the Gadget Drive web site. The price of items depends on their condition, age and technical specifications.

A five-year old laptop that was a high-range model when bought may have a value of up to £150. Average pay-out for laptops is around £60.

Apple and Samsung smartphones can be worth more than £100.

Quick and easy

Gadget Drive collects donated items for free, tests each item and sends a report to the school listing all donated items and how much we paid for them. We pay the school, by cheque or bank transfer, within a couple of days.

Could schools make more money by selling old gadgets privately online through sites such as eBay? Maybe, although there’s no guarantee. Also, you’d have to include the cost of the time staff spend queuing in post offices to post gadgets and dealing with customer queries and complaints.

It’s far easier to let Gadget Drive do the hard work for you. We already help thousands of consumers and businesses get cash for their unwanted gadgets and have been featured in UK national newspapers and on TV programmes including Channel 4’s money-saving programme, SuperScrimpers.

We’re confident that schools can boost their fund-raising by selling old gadgets.

UK schools spend hundreds of millions of pounds a year on information communication and technology. In our experience, most schools have draws full on unused or unwanted IT.

It soon adds up. And when schools get parents involved the amount of money they can easily raise easily raise thousands of pounds through selling and recycling old IT gadgets.

“It was very easy to organise – the company were very customer focussed in arranging a suitable collection time and providing the necessary documentation. We were delighted with the money that was raised!”

“We’ve recommended the service to local schools – both primary and secondary.”

Barbara Newman, Business Manager, Valentines High School, Ilford, Essex

Data security

We understand how important it is to protect your data and stop it being misused. Your data is safe with us. We comply with all the main environmental and data protection laws. We can also wipe data from your machines when we buy them (hard drives are overwritten with data three times and we give you a “data wipe” certificate showing the hard drives individual serial number, the method of data wiping and date of erasure.).

Here are some tips for schools to maximise cash from your old gadgets, get an A* for fund-raising … and perhaps a new school mini bus.

  • Make the purpose of your fundraising as clear as possible. Let donors know the time scale for the Gadget Drive and where items will be dropped off.
  • Talk to your school IT manager about what old electronics the school can recycle as part of the fund-raising drive.
  • Combine the Gadget Drive with a recycling or fundraising education week.
  • Make the Gadget Drive Donation point to be part of a Sports Day or school fair.
  • Ask local businesses to donate old laptops, computers, phones, cameras or other gadgets

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