How Gadget Donations Can Help Fundraising for Schools

Uncategorized December 10, 2015

Raising money for schools has traditionally relied on a number of well-established tactics, whether in the form of bring and buy sales, sponsored activities or direct collections. And whatever the cause, fundraising for schools should not only be an effective way of generating much-needed cash but should also engage children and enhance their learning experience.


This is why taking advantage of gadget donations is such a good idea, since by collecting unwanted electronic items from families connected to the school and then sending them to be recycled, it is possible to both raise money and increase awareness of the ecological risks associated with the failure to properly dispose of e-waste.

Diverse Gadget Donations Accepted
While some fundraising projects involving gadget donations will focus on a single type of device, such as mobile phones, the reality is that you do not need to limit yourself to requesting that students bring in a particular type of gadget. Everything from smartphones and tablets to laptop computers and digital cameras can be converted into cash after collection, enabling parents to clear out the clutter at home in the process.

Once gadgets have been collected, they can be sent to be recycled free of charge and payment should be issued promptly, which is why a growing number of schools are embracing this approach to fundraising.

Ecological Concerns
From an educational point of view, being able to encourage kids to engage with the idea of recycling gadgets has obvious benefits. They are growing up in an age when electronic items are seen as disposable and things such as smartphones get replaced every year or two, so it is important to instil in them a responsible attitude towards how these items should be treated after they are no longer in use.

Collecting gadgets to sell for recycling will be easy to link in with these important lessons, and since there are millions of unwanted devices gathering dust in homes across the country, it should be easy to generate a lot of attention for your cause once a project has gained momentum.

If you want to do more to promote fundraising for schools while also help the environment by limiting e-waste, sign up to the Gadget Driver site to get started.

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