How It Works

How It Works

Get ready for Gadget Drive to supercharge your ideas for fundraising.

The basis of a Gadget Drive is encourage as many people as possible to donate gadgets in the form of their old technology, to benefit the fundraising for schools, clubs or organisations. The school, club or organisation promote the Gadget Drive to their members and stakeholders via email, social media posts, posters and word of mouth; letting potential donors know the purpose of the fundraising efforts and providing a date and location where the donated gadgets can be dropped off.

The Gadget Drive Online Instant Valuation Tool allows any potential gadget donor to check whether their item can be accepted, and if it is, the likely cash donation value that their item will be converted into.

Once the donated gadgets have been collected, Gadget Drive will collect them free of charge and test each item. The condition, specification and value of each of donated gadget will be provided on a report by Gadget Drive along with prompt payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Gadget Drive is quick, easy and absolutely zero cost, so sign up today and get fundraising.

Once you’ve registered your organisation’s interest in running a Gadget Drive, you’ll be provided with some basic promotional materials.

What Gadget Drive Provides

         Email and Poster Templates for you to Promote your Gadget Drive

         Individual Contact Person to Help Make Your Gadget Drive a Success

         Completely Free Collection of Donations and Guaranteed Zero Cost

Gadget Drive

Register Your Organisation. Simply let us know who you are and where you’ll be running your Gadget Drive; this could be a school, college, scout troupe or church.

Use the poster, flyer and email template provided by Gadget Drive to promote your fundraising efforts. All you need do is arrange a single central collection point at which people can drop off their donations.

Once you’ve got all the kindly donated gadgets together, Gadget Drive will be along to collect them all and check them over. You organisation will then be issued with a cheque within a few days.