Why January Is So Hard For Charities

Uncategorized January 29, 2018

Charity Donation

We’ve all heard of Dry January; it was started by charities to help raise money in one of the hardest months of the year. Since then it’s become an event that millions take part in to kick start the year in a healthy way. Unfortunately, the charities are no longer seeing the benefits of people donating as part of the process.

What is Dry January?

It started as a great way for charities to encourage people to raise money; since then it’s become a cultural challenge that takes place yearly. Since the expansion and the wide-spread knowledge of dry January, millions of people have taken the challenge to stop drinking throughout the month of January in a bid to be healthy.

The charities who started ‘Dry January’,  giving us another reason to wish January was over, are CRUK’s Dryathlon and Alcohol Concerns. Alongside them, Macmillan created the campaign Go Sober for October; all of which have raised huge sums of money for charity.

Charity Ideas

Every year charities come up with ideas on how to get people to raise money; from the ice bucket challenge for ALS to Macmillan coffee mornings.

At Gadget Drive we’re encouraging as many as possible to take on a gadget drive; this would enable millions of people with a spare mobile phone to donate it to charity.

The benefit, it’s not charity specific, each drive offers the opportunity to donate to a charity of choice; this ensures that a wide range of charities are able to receive donations from multiple sources.

Why Donate Tech?

It costs the person donating absolutely nothing. Charities rely on regular donations to continue the great work they do. For this reason donating high-value items like old, unwanted mobile phones, tablets, computers and cameras are a great way to raise money.

Would you like to join in and start a Gadget Drive? Alternatively, if you don’t want to run one but you’d still like to donate the value of your phone to charity, you can use Cash In Your Gadgets. We’ll offer you a price for your old gadgets which you can donate to a charity of your choice.

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